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To the left or above this text are pair values of currencies constantly fluctuating. Red means negative & green positive, forex is buying and selling of currencies & we do that best using artificial intelligence.

Since 2012 we have been a product of careful work of experts who utilizes various forex techniques and maximise return on every penny invested.

Our mission is to use technology gains with little risk and high returns trading forex. The vision is to produce the next generation of billionaires and business leaders.

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No Hidden & Bank Charges

Digital Wallet Services: Bitcoin deposits reflects same USD value as the amount of bitcoins transfered. Unlike other brokers.

Auto Confirm Deposits

State of the art API tracks & credit your virtual account balance with us few minutes after payment.

Super tech

DDos Protected, SSL, Dedicated Server, Professional Management

Right to Quit

We respect your decisions even when you might be wrong. You can terminate an investment anytime and get refunded





$50 Min Deposit

$1000 Max Deposit

25% IN 10DAYS
15% first 5 working days
10% second 5 working days with capital.
2Cycles of auto re-investment for capital above $200
Points = 50

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$200 Min Deposit

$2000 Max Deposit

60% IN 20DAYS
30% first 5 working days
10% second 5 working days
10% third 5 working days
10% fourth 5 working days
2Cycles of auto re-investment for capital above $200
Points = 100

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$2,001 Min Deposit

30% IN 20DAYS
15% first 5 working days
5% second 5 working days
5% third 5 working days
5% fourth 5 working days
2Cycles of auto re-investment
Points = 100

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Fill in your personal information to get started. It only takes a minute to do so. Then check your mail for a verification code and verify your account. To create an account now click here


On your dashboard scroll to bottom and join a choice plan. A dedicated bitcoin address is generated for you. Scan the Qr-code to pay. Your investment becomes active ones payment is confirmed


After trading and book keeping, your account balance is credited according to the ROI of your choice plan.


You can withdraw your ROI anytime, but your capital will only be available for release after investment period elapse for investment below $200 and after two cycles of re-investment for investment above $201.